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Dr. Rick Lindal

Inner-Mind Therapies

Age Regression, Releasement, and Hypnosis.  Age Regression, Releasement Therapy, and Hypnosis, are techniques whereby you are guided to relax your ‘outer-mind’ and asked to focus inwards, allowing you to access knowledge that has been filed away in your unconscious mind, or information that is available to your ‘higher self’.  This trance-state will allow you an opportunity to draw on wisdom that is otherwise not available to your waking mind.  Regression Therapy, Releasement Therapy, and Hypnosis are techniques that are helpful in relieving troublesome habits, fears, attitudes, and chronic pain experience.  

Past-Life Regression.  Past-Life Regression is another avenue for you to explore your inner mind and recall deep memories that may be affecting your life as you experience it in this life-time.  This form of exploration may give you knowledge of other lives that you have lived and, consequently, an appreciation for a greater existential perspective of your current life-time.  Psychological problems in your current life that have not responded to conventional types of therapy, often have their origin in past lives and can be alleviated with this type of therapy.  

Life Between Lives Regression.  This form of therapy will allow you to enter the ‘in-between-lives’ realm where we reside when we are not incarnated.  In this dimension decisions are made about upcoming incarnations, and the reasons why you decided to be born on Earth.  This form of exploration, once again, adds to your ‘existential’ understanding and may help you discover meaning in your current life.  

During the process of therapy I may on occasion recommend, in consultation with your physician, that you take anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication to augment the therapeutic process.