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Dr. Rick Lindal

Author: Rick Lindal, Ph.D., 2014

Are you feeling lost in life? Do your emotions sometimes overwhelm you? Do you wonder why bad things happen?  

Written for readers from diverse backgrounds, this book explores the purpose of our emotional journey through life from a psycho-soul perspective and helps us answer the question “Why am I here?” It is a handbook for surviving the inevitable ups and downs that we all must cope with as we experience the intense emotions of life.  With therapeutic insights drawn from over 30 years’ experience as a clinical psychologist, and based on his own autobiographical journey, Dr. Lindal invites you to look at your life through a different lens. While in part a fictionalized story, the teachings he offers on self-exploration and understanding will help you understand the purpose of your existence.

Dr. Lindal’s teachings are woven into an ‘easy-to-read’ story that follows the adventures of Rikki, whose soul sets off on a journey from the Spiritual Dimension into a lifetime on Earth. Over the course of this lifetime, Rikki learns about earthly existence and how we are responsible for creating our own reality within it. He also learns about the reasons why we choose to experience negative emotions in life, as well as the circumstances that may lead people to perform evil acts, and ways to prevent that from happening.

His inspirational backstory of coming to terms with his own sexuality is also woven into the storyline of this book, which may motivate the reader to find purpose and meaning in their soul’s own adventure through life.

“Now…come explore the purpose of life through a different lens…”


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